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An Evening With Elvis In Concert !

Mike Myers

Mike Myers with the Jordanairres

Mike Myers on Stage

AN EVENING WITH ELVIS IN CONCERT ! is as real as it gets, from the authentic wardrobe to the original musical arrangements to performers that actually knew Elvis Presley, himself ! On previous tours members of Elvis' band have performed with this show including Eddie "Animal" Graham- Percussionist, John Wilkinson-Rhythm Guitarist, Back-up Vocalists- The Sweet Inspirations and the legendary JORDANAIRRES !

Interestingly enough, The Sweet Inspirations commented that they had felt Elvis on stage with us during the tour. Also, Kayla, our beautiful background vocalist is certain that Mike "channels" Elvis. I'm theTrombonist/Wooden Flute(Recorder) player in the video. And, I too have felt a great presence with us onstage as we have performed many of Elvis' original arrangements with all of our hearts in it ! Whatever you believe, there's no doubt that Mike "Little Elvis" Myers is a great entertainer in his own right. In this promo video feature included are several of Mike Myers' performances from Las Vegas to Florida, spanning nearly 40 years of his career. Without a doubt, this is the closest representation of Elvis Presley's original concert stage show on planet Earth !


Mike Myers in a White Suit

Mike Myers Full Stage Shot